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Welcome to our little corner of the Internet.  Milwaukee United Soccer Club seeks to provide a high-level playing environment for U16 and above girls and women from Milwaukee County.  We look to take a multi-level approach to bringing in players, advancing them, and ultimately offering them a platform on which to showcase their skills.

The entry point for players will be at the U16 level, with us actively recruiting players from organizations such as America Scores, Journey House, the Boys and Girls Club, Children’s Outing Association, and municipal recreation departments.  We would play only in the fall club season with the expectation that our players will play for their high school teams in the spring.  We plan to work with Milwaukee public high schools in elevating their ability to compete on a regional scale and perhaps see one of them play in a sectional final for the first time in almost 20 years (more on this in a future post).

Beyond what happens on the soccer field, the club would plan to offer both academic and athletic advising to its players, in the hopes that by taking an active interest in its players’ schooling, more (if not all) of them will see college as a worthwhile pursuit and be prepared to tackle its academic rigor once there.  Thus, we would hopefully be able to place more players from local high schools onto college soccer rosters and as such be able to develop a team to play in either the Women’s Premier Soccer League or Women’s League Soccer during the summer months from these players.  In 2011, only five graduates of Milwaukee Public Schools were on college rosters, with all of them playing in the greater Milwaukee area and all but one at Division III private institutions (the fifth was playing at UW-Parkside, a Division II school). In 2010, it was five as well, with two of those not returning for 2011, with the numbers for 2009, 2008, and 2007 very similar in terms of quantity and location.

For a more detailed layout of our blueprint, please check out this post from Two Touch Pass, and we look forward to working with anyone interested in helping to grow the game here in Milwaukee.


Posted June 4, 2012 by Scott in Club Philosophy

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