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We have gotten a couple of answers regarding Women’s League Soccer and have sent on additional questions to the the league’s main contact person, which hopefully will result in the necessary information to determine whether we seek entrance there or in WPSL for 2013.

Onto the focus of this entry, the players we’d like to bring into the Milwaukee United fold.  I have been watching local players for several years now and have come to find no less than 60 of them from Milwaukee County playing in any one season at the intercollegiate level (most of them in Division III, but a few sprinkled amongst Division I and Division II rosters).  While we wait for 2012 rosters to be set, I have been going back over past years’ databases to re-familiarize myself with certain players and to organize the database for this season.  The 2013 team that will be playing in one of the aforementioned leagues will be made up of the players I will scout this season, along with perhaps one or two recent graduates (players that had been followed/scouted in past seasons) that have settled (at least temporarily) in Milwaukee.  Although I will not say on here who exactly I’m watching, I can provide some examples of players (both past and present) of ones:  The following is a short list of players on the radar:

  • A forward playing Division I soccer in Ohio
  • Two goalkeepers playing at the Division II level outside the state of Wisconsin
  • An MPS graduate who plays college soccer in the NAIA
  • A midfielder who plys her trade in Minnesota at the Division III level
  • A pair of defenders who are at schools in Illinois
  • Several players who are at local schools in the Northern Athletic Conference (private school conference)
  • A number of players at schools in the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Conference (UW-hyphenated schools)

We watch games in-person (within reason), via the Internet (when available), as well as monitor match trackers and live stats pages schools might post.  I believe that spending time during the college season to follow players is more beneficial both in terms of information and in resource allocation than one or two days of random evaluation of talent.  Being invested in players through this method in my opinion leads to greater team cohesion and a better crafting of a roster.

We are just a few weeks away from the 2012 college season beginning and I look forward to seeing as many players as possible who could eventually become members of the Milwaukee United SC entry in WPSL or WLS.  If you know players who you think we should check out, let us know (,, or @milwaukeeunited on Twitter).


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