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This morning, I completed my perusal of every Division I women’s soccer roster for schools outside the power six conferences (Big Ten, ACC, SEC, Big East, Big XII, and Pac-12) in developing our player pool (Divisions II and III along wtih NAIA will be done once their rosters are finalized) to scout for the 2013 team.  With that done, I thought it would be a good time for me to explain the criteria I use to either include or exclude a player from my player pool (the rule) as well as give an example of where an exception to the rule might be granted.

To qualify to play for Milwaukee United, a player must:

  • Be a resident of Milwaukee County
  • Have attended a Milwaukee County high school (public or private)
  • Have played soccer for at least three of their four years at the school, including their senior year
  • Be playing college soccer at the present time (or have done so in their final undergraduate year if a graduate)

If that is what qualifies a player to join us, the following disqualifies her:

  • Not being a resident of Milwaukee County
  • Not attending a Milwaukee County high school
  • A lack of significant high school play (e.g. playing for a club team during the high school season)
  • Not playing for her high school team senior year (which occurs after the National Letter of Intent signing date in early February)
  • Ceasing to play college soccer while still having eligibility to do so

If the above constitutes the rule, an exception to the rule would be a player for whom the totality of their profile negated their not being a resident of Milwaukee County.  Exceptions are looked at on a case-by-case basis and their profiles evaluated thoroughly against those of qualifiers.  This is what an “exceptional” profile looks like:

  • Resident of a blue-collar/middle class suburb just west of the Milwaukee/Waukesha County border that is known as an extension of Milwaukee’s northwest side
  • Attended high school in Milwaukee County at a religiously-based private school
  • Played club soccer for an area outfit that is not as well-known or renowned as FC Milwaukee, Brookfield Soccer Club, or SC Waukesha
  • Will be playing Division I college soccer this fall at a school outside of Wisconsin in a mid-major conference

It is the unique combination of ALL of these traits that makes an exceptional profile.  Modify any one of those bullet points and the player would not qualify.  For us, the mission of  providing playing opportunities for those who otherwise have been overlooked or who aren’t seen as being as good as the ones with club pedigrees and ample resources at their disposal means we look for something different than others do.  It also means that our roster won’t be heavy in Division I talent (to date, I found only three players on D-I rosters from here and that includes the above-mentioned exception), but that is the state of affairs for our local players currently and we are committed to fixing it by whatever means are at our disposal.


Posted July 19, 2012 by Scott in Club Philosophy

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