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I have been less-than-satisfied with the league options that currently exist in our area for women’s soccer.  I wrote about the three regional/national leagues on our radar in an earlier post, and after talking with some people in the leagues I am left with some head-scratching.  WPSL ran a haphazardly put-together schedule for 2012 that saw teams play only five matches and no round-robin play amongst the conference members, and in past talks seems to not have interest in adding additional teams in Wisconsin.  W-League is talking about adding a Midwest division, but once again the cost of entry, infrastructure requirements, and cost of travel make this a no-go from our perspective.  Which brings us to WLS.  After conversations and e-mail exchanges with three of the five teams in the league (including the current commissioner), my initial suspicions of its viability have been confirmed.  Although it’s still the best place for us to launch of the three on the table, I’m not comfortable with being painted into that corner.  Which is why, over the past week, I got back to thinking about soccer in the Midwest as a whole and whether something can be built outside of these three entities.  With that, I began to brainstorm of cities that might or could support women’s soccer and how to get them together in a league along with some administrative rules for operation.

With Milwaukee as the starting point, the first goal needs to be getting enough other cities within a reasonable radius to form a six-team league.  Following that, add on more cities surrounding the original six to get to twelve (and thus two divisions with members of the original six dividing into them).  Lather, rinse, repeat to eventually get to 24.  This is a possible progression of how to build to that:

Phase 1:  Milwaukee, Eau Claire, Minneapolis, Green Bay, Chicago, Des Moines

Phase 2:  St. Louis, Louisville, Springfield (MO), Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Omaha

Phase 3:  Grand Rapids, Detroit, Kansas City, Madison, Cleveland, Cedar Rapids

Phase 4: Nashville, Illinois 2, Wichita, Chicago 2, Ohio 3, Indiana 2

Now, for some minimums of participation:

  • A ground with seating (whether the club charges admission is their own choice)
  • A website, Facebook page, and Twitter account specific to the team with regular updates and posted contact information
  • 20 players
  • Affiliation with their home state’s soccer association (adult or youth) or a team already competing in a recognized national league

Match rules:

  • 2 x 45 minutes halves
  • 20 player game day roster
  • College substitution rules (1st half sub, no re-entry that period; 2nd half sub, one re-entry); if temperature is above 90 at kickoff, unlimited substitutions at defined intervals
  • 3 for win, 1 for draw, 0 for loss;  additional points for scoring 3+ in match or shutout (5 pt. max if all hit)

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