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Building off of the college preview posted on Saturday, we will take a look today at the increase in the number of college soccer players that are graduates of Milwaukee Public Schools.  The dearth of MPS graduates playing college soccer has been a point of a number of our entries, with the total number of players residing around five or six for the past several years at least.  In 2012, that number looks to have made a bit of a jump, with more players on rosters and at more schools than in past seasons.

Alverno College, an all-women’s school in Milwaukee, has in recent years had the greatest number of MPS players on its roster (usually the only school with more than one at any given time), with three women playing for its 2011 team.  The 2012 team adds two incoming first-year players and a sophomore transfer from Mount Mary College (Milwaukee’s other all-women’s post-secondary institution) to those three, making for a whopping SIX MPS graduates on the Inferno’s roster.  Moreover, those six players represent four MPS girls’ soccer teams (2 each from Milwaukee School of Languages and Bradley Tech, plus one each from Riverside and Reagan).  The star of the incoming players is Neysel Powell, who played at MSL.  We got a chance to see her with the Hawks at the season-opening City Cup tournament this past spring.  She has good first touch along with high-level field vision and will be a fine addition to Alverno’s midfield attack.

2012 also sees MPS place its first-ever players on the rosters of Lakeland College (Ashley Jennings, MSL) and the University of Wisconsin-Superior (Jade Wong, Hamilton).  Combined with the players at Alverno, Lourdes Gil (Bay View) at Cardinal Stritch, and Crystal Chalery (Pulaski) at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside, MPS now has ten of its graduates playing the game beyond high school.  Is this the start of a trend that will see more MPS graduates take their game to the next level, or is it a one-year blip?  More so, will this group of first-year players stick around for their sophomore seasons and beyond?  An oddity with respect to this increase is the lack of players from MPS’ dominant soccer program, Rufus King.  In fact, King, despite being the top MPS team for the last decade, has not had one of its graduates play college soccer since Anna Blankschein wrapped up her career at Beloit College in 2009.

This afternoon, Alverno will open its season at home against Mount Mary.  Kickoff is 4:30pm and we will be there to scout the new talent on the Inferno and Blue Angels and to support two of Milwaukee’s college soccer programs in the opening leg of their yearly home-and-home series (the second match will be on October 24th at Mount Mary).



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