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On Mondays, I compile the previous week’s statistics and pull together the upcoming week’s schedule of matches involving the players in the scouting pool.  Even though I follow matches throughout the week and check out box scores when they become available after the fixtures (tallying up the numbers as I go), I always go over the schools’ official stats pages in case an adjustment was made to the scoring after the fact (e.g. adding/subtracting assists from a play, crediting a different player for a goal), which has happened a few times so far this season.  I have my own expectations for the player pool when it comes to production, and that would be: an average of 10 goals and 25 points per week, a goals-against average of 1.00 or less, a save percentage of 0.750 or higher, and a 33% shutout rate.  I don’t place much emphasis on overall won-loss record as goalkeepers are not 100% responsible for the end result despite at times contributing heavily to it, and the variance in the teams they play for must be taken into account.  As of this past Sunday (three full weeks of play for all), these are the numbers:

40 goals and 18 assists for 98 points (so close to 100, and ahead of pace)

17-4-1 record

1.04 goals-against average (little higher than I’d like, but two of the three goalkeepers that start are under 1.00)

0.729 save percentage (odd stat, as shutouts where the keeper doesn’t face any shots doesn’t help, but giving up goals and facing lots of shots helps)

9.0 SOs. (all four keepers that have played have at least one full shutout to their credit)

More nuggets from the stats:

21 players have scored at least one goal so far, and 24 players have gotten on the score sheet to date

5 players are on a goal-per-week pace or better

2 players are already past the 10 point mark for the season

Only 2 field players have yet to see game time this season

Our local players are proving this season (as they have in past years) that they have the talent and moxie to compete with the best players in the area.  They deserve a chance this summer to show that, together, as one against the best open-level amateur sides in the region and country.  THIS is why it matters that a club exist for them, that a venue be available for them to continue to get better and to show their talent.  Let’s make it happen.


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