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NOTE:  This entry is written with our scouting pool as the audience, hence the second-person references.

The 2012 college soccer regular season came to a close this past weekend.  Despite a number of local players participating in conference tournaments this week (and hopefully their division’s NCAA tournaments following them), the bulk of our work now shifts to recruiting players for our 2013 team from the pool we have scouted this past season.   We have stated in past entries who we are, what we want to do, and what it takes to be selected to play for us.  With that, I am going to lay out WHY you should want to play for Milwaukee United Soccer Club.

1)  We will be competitive.

With the frame that we are placing around the team (locally-raised college soccer players), most people in the soccer community believe that we will not be able to hold our own against teams that recruit far-and-wide to bring together top-loaded rosters from (in their opinion) more prestigious programs.  That is simply not true.  With more than 80 goals and 200 points scored amongst them in 2012 (33 players contributing at least one point to that total), the players I have seen this year have the requisite skill and ability to play toe-to-toe with any team placed in front of us.  The top three goalkeepers in the pool combined for 36 wins and 21 shutouts, and all three backstop teams that advanced to conference tournament play.  Find another team’s talent base that can argue the same.

2)  We will help you get better for next season.

Because we have spent a full season watching players, we are familiar with current strengths and weaknesses in their games.  As mentioned in our entry titled A Full Year Approach, we view college and summer soccer as two complementary building blocks, where each can help a player get better for the other.  A player may have been a striker in youth and prep play, but has been shifted to another position when she started college play.  We will work with the player in training and matches to develop her skills in both her “natural” position and her “college” position so that she is able to return to campus in the fall a better player and able to make a significant contribution to her college team.

3)  You will be amongst friends (and perhaps rivals).

As I go over the playing/educational backgrounds of players in the pool, I notice that there are very few cases where a player doesn’t share some common thread with at least one other player on the list.  This is important because joining a new club/team can be awkward or unnerving, just like going away to school or moving.  Since the entire team will come from within the borders of Milwaukee County, there is a common language of cultural references the team will have (even if it is spoken in different dialects reflective of the 19 communities which make up the county).  To quote just a few of these common Milwaukee references:  Summerfest; Bradford Beach; Kopp’s; Mayfair; The Domes; bubbler.  People outside of Milwaukee might not know what you mean, but anyone from here will know and have some memory/experience of them.  Our goal is to turn a group of players that come in as individuals first into a chain (i.e. I know you, who knows her, who knows her, etc.) and then into a cohesive unit/circle where everyone is bonded into a common purpose and fights together as one, for each other and for their hometown.

If those reasons don’t encourage you to join us, take this one:  YOU HAVE BEEN CHOSEN!  As you may notice, I mention nothing about combines or scheduled try-outs.  That’s because all of the information we need to make roster decisions has been garnered by watching you this past season (or seasons in the case of older players).  We know what positions you play (in general), the relative amount of playing time you get, your stats from the season, and have determined that we want you representing us on the field, all without you having to prove it in a one-day, two-hour block of time against others who are fighting with you for limited roster spots and to whom you may feel no loyalty to help show their best.  It’s this cutthroat approach to the game that we are wanting to reduce or eliminate.  Sure, you will be competing with one another for space on the match day roster or in the first team, but not for a place within the organization (unlike some clubs in the area you or I may know), and you will have a place here unless you choose to no longer play (and even then, opportunities exist to participate off-the-field with the club).

Excited?  We are.  Contact us at with any questions, to request more information, or to receive our player questionnaire.


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