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Nick Hartman, founder of KC Sports Journalism, has been doing a series of articles on the front office staff of his city’s newest sports entity, the Kansas City Shock of the Women’s Premier Soccer League.  As Milwaukee United SC and the Shock are clubs similar to one another in terms of mission and vision, the boss asked Nick if he’d be willing to do a piece on him.  Here is that interview.

Have you ever wondered who is behind Milwaukee United Soccer Club? The answer is Scott Viar, the club’s managing director.  He is the brains and backbone of the MUSC organization. He started Milwaukee United SC aiming to give women and teenagers low-cost, high-quality soccer experiences. With their inaugural season upcoming, Scott and company are getting prepared for a great season. Even with his very busy schedule, we were able to sit down and talk with him.

NH:  What made you want to get involved with Milwaukee United SC?
SV:  I founded Milwaukee United SC because there is a dearth of playing opportunities for girls and women in the Milwaukee area, especially among those who don’t have the resources to participate with a traditional club or who aren’t seen as having elite-level talent. Having coached high school soccer in Milwaukee at a academically-rigorous public school and seeing players of ours move onto collegiate play, I know that the players in this city CAN play on the biggest stages but are ignored or passed over in favor of those from more well-off backgrounds.

NH:  What do you do on a daily basis to help MUSC succeed?
SV:  A typical day can involve recruiting players or volunteers, connecting with others in the women’s soccer community, meeting with local businesses or non-profits, or doing the nuts-and-bolts of club development.

NH:  What have you learned the most from running Milwaukee United SC?
SV:  I have learned that operating this club as a one-man army isn’t easy. I do a number of things well, but other areas of the business have been slow to get off the ground because I’m not as skilled at them.

NH:  What advice can you give a young adult who wants to own, manage or work on a team?
SV:  Learn all you can, contact teams and get experience. Bring your passion for the sport to the table and don’t apologize for loving the game.

NH:  What has been your favorite part thus far?
SV:  That has to be recruiting players and seeing how happy they are to having been brought into this. Again, these are players that get overlooked by other clubs in the area and for whom opportunities to play aren’t as plentiful.

NH: Where do you expect Milwaukee United SC to be in ten years?
SV:  I expect to see Milwaukee United SC having teams in a regional/national level women’s league and our state’s women’s league, U16 and U18 teams grooming talent for collegiate and adult-level play, and having an impact both on the women’s game in this area and on the community through its philanthropy.


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