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We are just five days away from our first training session of the 2013 Women’s Premier League season and less a month to go until our first match (schedule hasn’t been released yet by Wisconsin Soccer Leagues, but the season window begins June 8th).  Business has been going along swimmingly in the past couple of weeks, with more players coming into the fold and what looks like a well-rounded roster.

Four years ago, I moved back to Milwaukee with a mission, to develop a women’s soccer club that would look beyond traditional player paths to find those who had been overlooked, ignored, neglected, or obstructed in their pursuit of playing the beautiful game at a high level due to finances, commitments, a perceived talent discrepancy, or a lack of opportunity in their area.  With that mission finally coming into reality, I can’t help but be grateful for those who encouraged me to stick with it, for our financial supporters who allowed me to be able to push forward with getting Milwaukee United off the ground, and for the players who were receptive to our message and accepted the the opportunity we offered.  Whether we lift hardware this year or not, the foundation that is being laid by this year’s team will provide us with a starting point for 2014, when more teams can be added (older ones, younger ones, and ones in higher-level leagues) and the blueprint for MUSC can be further implemented.



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  1. So happy for you. You can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I never doubted you even when others might have.

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