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Yesterday, I was out at Pulaski Stadium for the Milwaukee Public Schools girls’ soccer tournament.  This event comprises those teams in MPS which do not play in the early-season City Cup (limited to the top four teams from the previous year’s first division standings).  Pool 1 had South Division, Pulaski, Washington, and the reserve team from Rufus King; Pool 2 was made up of Reagan, Tech, Madison, and the reserve side from the School of Languages.  Each team played the others in their pools, with the top team in each facing off in the final.  With that, the run-down:

Reagan came into the tournament with a number of positives for 2013.  First, they were now playing in the first division following last year’s second division title.  Also, they had seen a boon of interest in the program and a large numbers increase this year, so much that they have two reserve teams in addition to their varsity squad.  The Huskies have held their own in their first season up and have scheduled aggressively outside the conference as well.  For a team that has one senior on the roster, this is impressive.  They would win all three pool play matches (5-0 vs. Languages Reserves, 2-0 vs. Tech, and 4-0 vs. Madison), then defeat South Division (who beat Washington 4-1, King Reserves 1-0, and Pulaski 2-0 in pool play) 2-0 in the final, looking like a team playing on an entirely different level from that of their opponents.  The future looks bright at Reagan.

South Division played fairly well, albeit it somewhat static after their first match against Washington.  Their squad has the requisite skill and natural instinct to play the game at a high level, but not enough structure or impact players currently to challenge at the very top of the city.  Tech fought valiantly, but a lack of players saw their play fall off as the tournament progressed (0-0 vs. Madison, the aforementioned result vs. Reagan made so by a solid goalkeeping performance, and 1-3 vs. Languages Reserves).  Pulaski/Arts and Madison had moments of brilliance in their wins (the former over Washington and the latter over Languages Reserves), but were outmatched by South and Reagan, respectively.  Lastly, Washington is as they have always seemed to be, just a step behind the teams  around their level and clearly outmatched by teams further up the city pecking order.

The players for our future U16 and U18 squads (plans are for the first teams to be in place for Fall 2014) will come by-and-large from these city high school teams, where what we will offer (consistent play, formal structure, and a sense of colloquy involving players from across the city) can hopefully be carried over to the players’ prep sides in the spring, leading to stronger programs and a higher level of the game being exhibited in MPS.  Kudos to all who play and coach in MPS presently (or have in the past).  The tournament was fantastic, and hopefully we can be involved with it in the future.


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