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Yesterday, I received a note from a player who was recruited by us last fall and who had committed at that time to playing for us this summer.  She had fallen out of contact and it was believed that she was no longer interested in playing.  Imagine the shock when she told me that she hadn’t stayed in contact and chose not to play because she couldn’t afford it.

The cornerstone of Milwaukee United Soccer Club has been and continues to be that cost should never keep someone who wants to play from being able to do so, in direct opposition to the vast majority of soccer organizations in the area.  Regardless of what else we might accomplish as an organization (be it our philanthropic and community service endeavors, the advancement of players onto college careers and educations, the development of new leaders in soccer business, or the creation of a women’s soccer juggernaut in Milwaukee), our foundation is built upon the notion that we exist to  expand playing opportunities for those who have been shut out due to cost or off-field logistics (e.g., the lack of transportation and therefore access to suburban or exurban clubs; the necessity of work or home-based duties to assist one’s family or to provide for one’s self; the prioritization of one’s education or school-based activities).  Hearing a player say that makes me realize that perhaps we haven’t been as forthright and clear about it, that it might be a core belief of the organization but one which hasn’t been discussed enough so that prospective participants can be confident about being welcomed to the table regardless of their situation.  That needs to change, and it will.

There is a reason why we are seeking 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status as a non-profit, and it is not really about the benefit it will provide us or our donors relative to the IRS.  It is to in essence take the profit motive out of running Milwaukee United, to make it a community asset where all interested parties can find their soccer needs met.  Maybe yesterday was the wake-up call I needed to be more forceful in stating our mission and the commitments we’re willing to make as a result of it.


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  1. Your commitment to making MUSC a place where everyone can play is the primary reason I support you. If there’s anything I can do to spread the word, let me know.

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