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First Division (named for former MPS coach Richard Williams)

First team

Position players: Breanna Yanez, Hamilton; Livyia David, King; Alex Fendrich, King; Claudia Ciseneros, King; Yasmine Outlaw, Riverside; Olimpia Garcia, Reagan; Alexia Leah, Reagan; Gabrielle Sustache, Reagan; Emily Ogas, Languages; Erin May, Languages.

Goalkeeper: Katie Fregoso, Riverside.

Second team

Position players: Kaity Kulakowski, Hamilton; Karla Rebolledo, Hamilton; Rocio Valle, Hamilton; Rebecca Linski, King; Moria Mucha, King; Angelica Rodriguez, Riverside; Niesha Wigley, Riverside; Alondra Garcia, Reagan; Ashley Hernandez, Reagan; Alex Campos, Languages

Goalkeeper: Leah Neterval, Languages.

Honorable mention

Position players: Anna Karen Velasquez, Hamilton; Miriam Cortez, Hamilton; Autum Holz, Riverside; Mary Hang, Riverside; Jacqueline Biernat, Reagan; Ashley Knapp, Reagan; Gabriela Reyes, Reagan; Cecilia Enriquez, Languages; Arianna Gomez, Languages; Zoe Pena, Languages.

Second Division (named for former MPS coach John Schissler)

First team

Position players: Ia Thao, Madison; Pangkou Xiong, Madison; Nina Say, Pulaski; Zasharay Torres, Pulaski; Mayra Alaniz, South; Martha Arechiga-Avila, South; Maria Calderon, South; Mary Chang, South; Braxton Dodd, Tech; Wend-my Nida Carene Moyenga, Washington.

Goalkeeper: Morgan Johnstone, Pulaski.

Second team

Position players: Lucy Xiong, Madison; Ernestiana Carney, Madison; Madeline Kallenbach, Pulaski; Amira White, Pulaski; Araceli Pantoja, Pulaski; Beh Meh, South; Xong Chang, South; Avrianne Seals, Washington.

Goalkeeper: Delphine Ingabire, South and Aliyah Williams, Washington.

Honorable mention

Position players: Amanda Jones, Pulaski; Jeraldine Gonzalez, Pulaski; Nefertiti Gamez, Pulaski; Anahi Hernandez, South; Nancy Xiong, Madison


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