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With November just around the corner, it’s time to talk up two big events we will have over semester break.  The first one is a combine for potential Milwaukee United SC players, to be held on Saturday, December 28th.  Our in-house coaching staff and the managing director will be “running the rule” over the prospects both on the field and in one-on-one interviews in an effort to find the right combination of athletes to take the field for one of MUSC’s teams in the Women’s Premier League.

On Monday, December 30th, MUSC will hold its first-ever fundraising banquet with the idea being to offer an affordable pre-New Year’s Eve event for our supporters and the local soccer community.  A silent auction that will be accessible both in-person and online is also planned.  In addition, a formal announcement and introduction of players for the 2014 season will be made.  Cost is $30/person, $55/couple, or $200 for a table of 8.

For more information on one or both of these events, drop us a note via the form below.


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This is a repost of our player pitch from last year, with some edits to bring it up-to-date.

The 2013 college soccer regular season is coming to a close, with just a handful of matches left for all teams.  Despite a number of local players expected to participate in conference tournaments (and hopefully their division’s NCAA tournaments) once the calendar turns to November, the bulk of our scouting work for the season is completed and our focus turns to planning who to invite to our two players’ events over the semester break in December.   We have stated in past entries who we are, what we want to do, and what it takes to be selected to play for us.  With that, I am going to lay out WHY you should want to play for Milwaukee United Soccer Club.

1)  We will be competitive.

With our mission being to provide increased playing opportunities for local soccer players and those from underserved soccer communities, most people might believe that we will not be able to hold our own against teams that recruit far-and-wide to bring together top-loaded rosters from (in their opinion) more prestigious programs.  That is simply not true.  Last summer, we were able to shutout three of our six opponents despite having only two traditional defenders on the roster and finished in the middle of the pack in the South division of Wisconsin’s Women’s Premier League.  This year’s watch list has eclipsed 250 points thus far and is closing in on 100 goals for the campaign, with 38 of 66 field players picking up at least one point.  The players we are looking at come from programs as diverse as the University of Central Florida, which has been ranked in the Division I polls this season, to Alverno College (an all-women’s school in Milwaukee) and Michigan Tech (located in the northernmost portion of the Upper Peninsula), and we feel these players are capable of coming together to form a pair of solid teams for the 2014 WPL season.

2)  We will help you get better for next season.

Because we have spent considerable time watching players, we are familiar with current strengths and weaknesses in their games.  As mentioned in our entry titled A Full Year Approach, we view college and summer soccer as two complementary building blocks, where each can help a player get better for the other.  A player may have been a striker in youth and prep play, but has been shifted to another position when she started college play.  We will work with the player in training and matches to develop her skills in both her “natural” position and her “college” position so that she is able to return to campus in the fall a better player and able to make a significant contribution to her college team.

3)  You will be amongst friends (and perhaps rivals).

As I go over the playing/educational backgrounds of players in the pool, I notice that there are very few cases where a player doesn’t share some common thread with at least one other player on the list.  This is important because joining a new club/team can be awkward or unnerving, just like going away to school or moving.  Since the teams will come by and large from within the borders of Milwaukee County, there is a common language of cultural references the team will have (even if it is spoken in different dialects reflective of the 19 communities which make up the county).  To quote just a few of these common Milwaukee references:  Summerfest; Bradford Beach; Kopp’s; Mayfair; The Domes; bubbler.  People outside of the Milwaukee area might not know what you mean, but anyone from here will know and have some memory/experience of them.  Our goal is to turn a group of players that come in as individuals into a cohesive sisterhood where everyone is bonded into a common purpose and fights together as one, for each other and for their hometown.

If those reasons don’t encourage you to join us, take this one:  YOU HAVE BEEN CHOSEN!  As you may notice, I mention nothing about tryouts.  That’s because all of the information we need to make roster decisions has been garnered by watching you this season (or in past seasons in the case of older players).  We know what positions you play (in general), the relative amount of playing time you get, your stats from the season, and have determined that we want you representing us on the field, all without you having to prove it in a one-day, make-or-break event against others who are fighting with you for limited roster spots and to whom you may feel no loyalty to help show their best.  It’s this cutthroat approach to the game that we are wanting to reduce or eliminate.  Sure, you will be competing with one another for space on the match day roster or in the first XI, but not for a place within the organization (unlike some clubs in the area you or I may know), and you will have a place here unless you choose to no longer play (and even then, opportunities exist to participate off-the-field with the club).

Excited?  Interested?  Fill out the form below to receive our player questionnaire and let’s get the ball rolling on having you participate in one of our play dates over the semester break.

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