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This past Saturday saw all eleven girls’ soccer teams from Milwaukee Public Schools in action at the same location, Pulaski Stadium on the city’s south side.  The day started at 9am with the City Tournament, comprised of seven teams.  South Division would come out on top by defeating Madison 3-1 in the final after making their way past Washington (7-0) and Carmen (2-0 on penalty kicks following a 1-1 draw) in earlier rounds.  Following the City Tournament, the top four teams in MPS took the field to complete the two-day City Cup (semifinals were played on Friday afternoon at Bradley Tech).  The School of Languages defeated Hamilton 2-0 in the third-place match and Rufus King squeezed past Reagan 1-0 in the championship match.

Our analysis of the weekend:

*  There is legitimate soccer talent at every MPS school, but it is spread out piecemeal amongst most of them (the top two or three schools have a larger number of top players than those below them).

*  The biggest problem across ALL schools and teams is goalkeeping as there seems to be little training of the position by coaching staffs or commitment to it by players.  This might be an area where we can actually help sooner rather than later, with the possibility of a goalkeeping clinic over the summer utilizing our friends, partners, and current players to provide some fundamental skill development for all interested girls.

*  Reagan is on the ascendency and should eventually overtake Rufus King as the top soccer school within MPS.  They have a young squad that is nearly as skilled as King (King has greater program depth as results of the reserve sides’ matches this year indicate) and have lost by just one goal in each of the teams’ matches this year (3-2 on April 8 and 1-0 in the City Cup final).  Being a fairly new program in MPS, Reagan does not have the history of losing by lopsided scores to King that invokes fear before taking the field against them and the team radiates a certain level of hungriness that frankly is not evident in King’s players (I’d be happy to further explain this point if anyone wishes to know more).

*  Carmen has loads of potential to become a player in the city soccer ranks over the next few years (2014 is their first season as a varsity-level program, having co-oped with Bradley Tech before playing a stand-alone junior-varsity schedule last year) given the school’s demographics and the external soccer infrastructure of the area.

*  Madison has potential as well to grow into a program that can stir up trouble for the top schools in MPS.  Their pragmatic style of play allowed them to make the final on Saturday despite being out-skilled in their matches against Pulaski and Riverside.  Combined with solid coaching,  we believe that were they to get a couple of experienced players into the school (and onto the team), it would allow them to elevate their game and begin the process of becoming a team that is capable of holding its own against First Division opposition.

I had a couple of nice conversations with parents over the two tournament days, one with the mother of a King freshman defender and one with the father of a Reagan freshman midfielder.  Their sensibleness regarding their daughters’ play and overall game quality was fairly refreshing given how some parents can be in their pursuit of “the best for their child”.  These two young ladies are examples of the kind of players we pursue, those who are overlooked, underappreciated, or ignored by the traditional soccer community.  Even with actively-engaged parents and their willingness to be supports for their kid’s pursuits (financially and logistically), the internal culture of most clubs can create obstacles that are hard if not impossible to overcome and can do damage to these players’ desire to continue in the game.  I would welcome these two into our fold and hope our visit to King on Monday evening for their return match against Reagan will spur another conversation or two about who we are and what we want to do in Milwaukee.

Below is the list of results from the weekend:

City Cup
Friday (semis)
King 6 Hamilton 0
Reagan 1 Languages 0
Languages 2 Hamilton 0 (Third Place)
King 1 Reagan 0 (Championship)

City Tournament
First Round
South 7 Washington 0
Carmen 1 Tech 0
Madison 1 Pulaski 0
Winners Bracket
South 1 Carmen 1 (South advances 2-0 on PKs)
Madison 2 Riverside 0
Consolation Bracket
Tech 2 Washington 0 (Washington finishes 7th)
Pulaski 1 Tech 0 (fifth/sixth place)
South 3 Madison 1


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