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First team
Position players: Miriam Cortez, Hamilton; Claudia Cisneros, King; Suzy Scotty, King; Erin May, Languages; Ariana Gomez, Languages; Olimpia Garcia, Reagan; Gabrielle Newton, Reagan; Gabrielle Sustache, Reagan; Makya Kirchner, Riverside; Abiline Rosas, Riverside.
Goalkeeper: Ana-Karen Valesquez, Hamilton.
Second team
Position players: Adriana Hernandez, Hamilton; Evalise Navarro, Hamilton; Kendall Edwards, Languages; Deja Davis, Languages; Jacqueline Biernat, Reagan; Ashley Hernandez, Reagan; Malee Xiong, Riverside; Shoua Vang, Riverside.
Goalkeeper: Anna Dannecker, Reagan.

First team
Position players: Nataly Alanis, Carmen; Kimberly Lozano, Carmen; Marqueesha Smith, Madison; Ia Thao, Madison; Pang Thao, Madison; Verenice Ochoa, Pulaski; Katiushka Cruz, South; Marisia Sanchez, South; Tiffany Carter, Bradley Tech; Sandra Ramos, Bradley Tech.
Goalkeeper: Morgan Johnstone, Pulaski.
Second team
Position players: Marina Garcia, Carmen; Jade Rhymes, Madison; Daysha Harris, Madison; Jocelyn Martin, Pulaski; Zashy Torres, Pulaski; Amira White, Pulaski; Anahi Hernandez, South; Muchi Plaw, South; Braxcton Dodd, Bradley Tech; Naw Paw Say Wah, Washington.
Goalkeeper: Aliyah Williams, Washington.


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