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In 2010, we wrote a document on scouting which laid out how we evaluate players and the criteria we use.  With us continuing to watch new college players as well as those who have been part of MUSC in past seasons, that document is outdated.  A more numeric, less-subjective system became necessary to adequately measure players against each other and against a simple scale.  Thus, we determined that players needed to be graded on skill (physical, technical, and mental), “heart” (the less-measurable aspects of the game), and intangibles (leadership ability, positional flexibility, value on the field), with the categories weighted 55%/30%/15%.  The scale runs from 1-10 in increments of half-points (e.g. 7, 7.5, 8, etc.).  For our 2014 Women’s Premier League team, the 19 players we are considering for our two 2015 teams scored in a range from 7.2 to 9.85, with the majority of players between 7.9 and 8.5.  We have set benchmarks for experience (two years of college play), skill (7.5), heart (8), and average score (7.500) that a player must meet or exceed in order to be eligible to play for our “core” team, with those not part of the core who meet the standards eligible to be “called-up” on an as-needed basis but who would play for our “pool” team.  Below are brief synopses of four players we scouted in past years (two from 2012, two from 2013; all names, schools, and other identifiable information have been redacted).

Player A:  Second-year player at forward.  Overall score in grey area (between 7.5 and 8), minimum score on skill, above the bar in heart.  Works better with dynamic players alongside her (right/left midfield, forward partner) but has excellent speed and ability to draw away defenders.  Right now, would be slotted for “pool” but could get opportunities with the “core” due to absences/injury.

Player B:  Experienced center midfielder.  Above the bar in all areas, capable of playing more attacking or more defensive role, either alongside a partner or ahead/behind other center midfielder.  Possession-oriented, doesn’t commit turnovers or try to make more out of a play than is there.  Would make “core” and be in the mix for first XI selection.

Player C:  First-year player used at forward, outside midfielder, and center midfielder (attacking role in a diamond).  Meets the minimums in all scored areas, though heart score is just at the bar.  Moves around well to find the ball and make things happen with it.  Would play for “pool” team, but with proper development in summer would be able to move up to “core” next year.

Player D:  First-year player at forward.  Minimums in component areas, just over the minimum in overall score.  Good height, uses it to provide for outlet when up top.  Moves away from the center to open up space for others and to commit defenders elsewhere.  “Pool” for this summer and a bit of a project to develop into a player that makes the “core” in the future.

With six weeks (or so) left in the college soccer regular season, there will be more evaluations and constant grading of players as we work to find the right 41-43 women for our 2015 teams and start the course for bringing a WPL title to Milwaukee United Soccer Club.



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