2015 Women’s Premier League gateway   2 comments

The following list is the process by which players come to be part of Milwaukee United Soccer Club:

1)  The prospect fills out the form below.

2)  We send our initial player application to the prospect by email, which is then filled out in the Microsoft Word document and emailed back to the club.

3)  After evaluating and vetting the application, an offer to play for us may be extended.  If so, our supplemental application (consisting of the club’s mission statement, social media policy, and a list of expectations and responsibilities for the season) is sent, with directions for its completion and any information needed by the player in advance of returning the document.

4)  The player returns the supplemental application and anything else requested by the club.

We hope you will take us up on our offer and become part of Milwaukee United SC.


Posted November 3, 2013 by Scott

2 responses to “2015 Women’s Premier League gateway

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