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With the 2014 college soccer season, Milwaukee United Soccer Club will begin its sixth year of existence.  Over the first five years, the values and objectives of MUSC have been made clear to those in the soccer community.  In addition, after the club’s first two seasons of play in the Women’s Premier League, the on-field philosophy has also come into focus. No matter how much the chairman wishes otherwise, matches aren’t won on a chalkboard.  That said, here is the club in a snapshot.

Who We Are

* WE ARE FIGHTERS.  Because our mission is to expand opportunities for those that have been overlooked, ignored, or underappreciated by the mainstream and “elite” clubs in the area, our players come in with something to prove.  They want to prove to themselves that they have another level they can reach.  They want to prove to the front office that they are capable of sacrifice and giving that extra measure of dedication on the field.  They want to prove to our supporters that they represent them on the field, inspiring future generations of girls to strive for something more.  They also want to prove wrong those who wrote them off or never bothered to look for them.

* WE ARE INVESTED IN THE COMMUNITY.  Off-field relationships with a host of non-profit organizations allow us to reach a broader audience and provide a means of giving back to the greater community.  As the official soccer partner of Images of Us Sports, we host clinics for the organization and provide basic soccer instruction for their All-Girls Sports Camp in the summer.  We are also an ally of Common Ground of Southeastern Wisconsin’s Fair Play campaign to bring to light the condition of Milwaukee County public school athletic and recreation facilities in the hopes of spurring action to give the community great places to play.

* WE STRETCH OURSELVES.  Five members of our 2014 Women’s Premier League team spent time this past year in Europe (three in Spain, two in the United Kingdom) and one of our players took on the daunting task of juggling summer classes and playing for us (not easy when the school and our home base are 90 miles apart).  Another player serves on the regional board for Circle K International (a college service organization aligned with Kiwanis International), while our coach is involved with the US Soccer Foundation’s Soccer for Success program at Allen-Field Elementary School in Milwaukee.

What We Want

* EXPERIENCE.  We are not a beginners’ soccer club where someone first starting in the game can flourish.  Our women’s players are expected to have at least several years of previous playing experience, with a minimum of one season at the college level. Our high school players are expected to have at least two years of experience, either at another club, at the high school level, or by way of a community organization (e.g., America Scores, Boys and Girls Club, local recreation department).

* ACCOUNTABILITY.  We expect our players to manage their non-soccer lives appropriately so that they are able to give the maximum level of commitment to the organization and team.  This means being available for all training and matches, being in correspondence with club leadership in a timely manner, informing the leadership of unavoidable conflicts far enough in advance that contingent plans can be made, and conducting themselves in an adult and professional manner on and off the field.

* GRIT.  Afternoon games in the months of June and July can bring sweltering heat.  Injuries or unavailability may take players out and require others to step into unfamiliar roles.  Our commitment to “growing from within” and “women leading women” means players take on more responsibility for what happens on the field than they might at most other clubs.  We want players who can thrive in this situation:  women who have leadership capacity, as well as the ability to persevere against what at times might seem like unbeatable odds.

Does this describe you?  Head over to our player inquiry page to learn more about the process of joining Milwaukee United SC and to drop us a note.


Posted January 8, 2013 by Scott

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